“Everything that can be decentralized, will be decentralized”

– Johnston’s Law


DLT ASA is a publicly traded company listed on the Oslo Børs (ticker: DLTX) and is subject to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.  The listing allows investors to gain exposure to the digital asset space through the purchase of DLT ASA stock.

The company seeks to manage, develop, and invest in the best projects, teams, and companies within the decentralized economy.

Our company values

Our goal is to support open source public DLT networks & their communities through the expertise and investment we provide.

We believe in radical transparency and being a responsible corporate citizen, which drives positive social, cultural, and environmental change through the adoption of DLT technology.

Ultimately, our goal is to see DLT empower individuals to access peer to peer finance, communications, and live their lives freely.

Our growth strategy

DLT seeks a dual approach. We develop and invest in digital asset mining and other cash flow generating ventures. These undertakings then provide investable capital to our portfolio management operation.

In addition to organic growth, our capital structure and reputation will enable us to raise opportunistic capital to make investments which will ultimately increase shareholder value.