Our Management

<strong>Thomas Christensen</strong>
Thomas Christensen
Mr. Christensen is a graduate in mechanical engineering from the University of Gothenburg’s
institute, with a Master of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School. He has more
than 20 years of experience from Norwegian and international businesses, as well as investment and
consultancy businesses.
<strong>David Johnston</strong>
David Johnston
Pioneer and early leader in decentralized technologies. Played a formative role in early blockchains
such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Polymath. Coined the term Decentralized Applications (Dapps) in 2013.
The last decade, David has been an early seed stage investor and advisor in a number of distributed
ledger technology projects such Tari, Beam, Vertalo and more.
<strong>Timothy Furey, CFA </strong>
Timothy Furey, CFA
Investment banker and digital asset strategist with extensive sell-side origination, structuring, buy-
side relationship management, business development, and government/regulator relations
experience across the U.S., Europe, LatAm, Asia, and Africa.
Tim is an early leader within the security token market and former CEO of first mover digital asset
investment bank.

Our Board of directors

<strong>James Haft</strong>
James Haft
Executive Chairman of the board
Entrepreneur and Merchant Banker with broad experience managing, advising, fund raising, and
developing opportunities for businesses leveraging the digitization of information and value.
James has focused on the adoption of distributed ledger technology and other decentralized,
encrypted data platforms adopted to improve the security, speed, and cost of transactions and
<strong>Viggo Leisner</strong>
Viggo Leisner
member of the board
Mr. Leisner has long experience from oil trading, and more than 15 years as responsible for
investments and M&A for Arne Blystad AS. He holds several board positions and is educated at
Aalborg Universitets Center and St. Cloud State University, USA.
<strong>Kari Mette Toverud</strong>
Kari Mette Toverud
Member of the board
Ms. Toverud has a Master of Business and Marketing/ Handeløkonom from BI Norwegian Business
School/ Handelsakademiet. She has worked in the telecom and datacom sectors for the past 23
years, and is currently Director of Communications at Norkart AS. She has also served on a number of

Our advisory board