Advisory Board

We are proud of the experience and know-how of our advisory board. They are not a series of names on a page, but trusted partners who we leverage on a weekly basis to gain a better understanding of where the market is and where it will be in the future. They are a critical asset for the company.

“Tapping into these minds can definitely give us the edge both where we are today, and in the future.” – CEO Thomas Christensen

Here is a short introduction:

David Shafrir

Serial entrepreneur and disruptive technology go-to-market expert
Executive Chairman at Global Digital Assets

Matthew Roszak

Leading blockchain investor, entrepreneur and advocate
Chairman & Co-Founder of Bloq

Jonathan Mohan

Founding team member of Ethereum
CEO of

Jeremy Kaliel

Former Executive Director at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
CEO of Proof Capital

Patrick Martin

Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and investment banker with extensive experience from the blockchain sector

Michael Terpin

Cointelegraph ranked: top 5 advisor and top 100 people in blockchain
Founder & CEO at Transform Group

Tim Lewis

Founder of DEVxDAO
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Ikigai Asset Management

Wes Pryor

Crypto economic valuation and trading pioneer
Founder of Acheron Trading

Thomas Trowbridge

Former President of Hedera Hashgraph
Founder of Fluence Labs

Toby Lewis

Recognized analyst in blockchain, AI, robotics and fintech
CEO and Founder at Novum Insight